Tradex Handelsgesellschaft mbH ships your industrial goods by land, air or by ship to all continents. Worldwide export is coordinated from our headquarters in Nienhagen, where all goods are checked for quality and completeness, packed, repacked and loaded before being shipped. The 400 square meter hall and the offices at the company's headquarters are considered to be security areas for air freight, so that all requirements are met for the sensitive area of air freight traffic as well. In addition, Tradex Handelsgesellschaft mbH is a “known consignor" certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority and approved by customs as an "authorized consignor". This facilitates customs and export formalities.

Exports to non-European countries place special demands on logistics. Our forwarding agents, with whom we have been working together for decades, deliver to almost every corner of the world: To China we prefer sea and rail freight, to the Middle East we deliver by land by truck and by air freight and to South America we deliver by ship as well as by plane. In order to stay up to date with the import conditions we are constantly updating our knowledge as in some countries, for example, special packaging guidelines apply. So that we can always guarantee you a smooth and future-proof process.


Our certifications as a "known consignor" for air freight and as an "authorized consignor" by customs enable exports to the highest security standards for air freight and simplify and accelerate export formalities. This means that you will receive your goods reliably and quickly.

Professional Partners

Thanks to our long-standing and good relations with our forwarding agents, we can guarantee you safe and fast deliveries. Our national qualified agents help with the import of your goods locally and are always there for you as your personal contact partner. Trust our strong network in more than 20 countries!

Competent Logistics

When shipping your freight, we always pay attention to the details – from the letter of credit to the special packaging. Our own warehouse and storage is a recognized security area for air freight and offers the prerequisite for smooth shipment by air. Depending on the destination, we choose the most suitable means of transport from ship to plane to train or truck.

Für Ihre Güter ist uns kein Weg zu weit

Ein Auszug der Länder, in die wir Industriegüter exportieren.