Industry Solutions

The focus of our exports is on goods for non-European industry. Once started with water drilling rigs for well construction, the range of industries we supply has steadily expanded.


  • power plants,
  • coal and copper mines,
  • the automotive and tyre industries,
  • construction machinery manufacturers and cement factories,
  • packaging plants and the paper industry,
  • companies from the wood processing and furniture industry,
  • mechanical engineering and lastly the food industry,

our satisfied customers rely on Tradex Handelsgesellschaft mbH for export.

The range of products we ship for these industries to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South and Central America extends from spare parts for mechanical engineering and construction machinery to special components. We also export the following industrial goods:

  • hydraulic drives
  • pneumatics
  • electrical control systems
  • drilling tools
  • roller chisel
  • well construction accessories
  • piston and centrifugal compressors
  • fittings
  • lubricants
  • conveyor systems
  • measuring instruments
  • combustion engines
  • electric motors
  • gearboxes
  • drive components


If you have further requirements for the export of goods for your industrial plants, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.